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AI-now Services

Depending on your requirements, we can quickly get you up-to-date on the latest trends, releases and evolution in the vast domain of generative AI, relevant for your business context. Where we overlook a wide spectrum, our specialism is in the integration with Microsoft’s AI ecosystem.

We help you to use AI to improve your customer experience, boost employee efficiency or optimize your processes. Let’s see together where in your business we can start leveraging AI via a proof-of-concept.

AI-Now Services

Obtain value from AI and LLM in your business, without spending fortunes

Abstract Structure
Understand AI technologies & business opportunities. Define & select use-cases.
Efficiency & Experience
Define how a natural language interface can elevate user-experience & efficiency.
Tap into our AI specialists. Get your staff trained & supported.
AI is data-driven. Prepare and cleanse the data that drives your use case.
Draft a secure architecture, connecting data, technology, process and people.
Avoid unauthorized use or exposure of data via roll-based security.
Proof value via a POC. Integrate (MS) AI with your ecosystem, process & data.

We believe in thinking big, acting small and starting fast and see together with you where Gen AI can bring you business value already today. Define and select among your AI-use cases your ‘low-hanging AI-fruit’, leverage on our expertise and get your first AI-enhanced applications up and running within weeks, without spending a fortune.

Productivity & Experience

Let us assist you to improve your customer- and employee experience via intelligent chatbots on top of your data (integrated in your client portal or MS Teams), detect customer sentiments, analyze survey feedback or personalize offers and communication.

We can help you to boost employee productivity, enabling them to quickly finding accurate information from your systems and data, generate code or summarize and create and content through a conversational interface.


Our AI-experts not only help you to get your AI-powered Apps from idea to production, but can also step-by-step train your team to obtain the right skill-set to support, operate and / or create app themselves. Based upon your needs and team profile we can provide tailored guidance and training in the specific AI-domains that get them to the required level.


Together with your team we draft an architecture that connects your data, systems, processes and people and the required AI-platform(s). Security, scalability and simplicity are key in our architectural design. We’re specialized in integrating the different components and data from your ecosystems with the generative AI platforms available, specifically with the Microsoft-AI ecosystem.


AI powered solutions that boost productivity and user experience are driven by data. High quality data directly impact the performance, accuracy and reliability of AI-powered solutions. When AI operates on clean, accurate data it can make better predictions and reduce more reliable outcomes. This fosters trust and confidence among users, essential for successful AI adoption. We assist you in getting your data ready and clean for your AI-case.


Having users, powered by AI, searching through your sensitive enterprise data, it is of paramount importance to have the right level of security and anonymization in place to avoid unauthorized access or exposure of data. We, for example, can leverage on Microsoft’s Active Directory to enhance your AI-solutions with the right level of authorization.

Data security and privacy is one of the pillars of our AI-solution design. Via a security risk assessment, we help you in auditing, tracking and improving the security of your AI-powered solutions.


Our team can get your first AI-proof-of-concepts up and running within weeks against attractive commercial conditions. As such you can learn fast, proof value of your AI-powered solution and get your team up-to speed, without spending a fortune. For the price of a regular developer, we offer a team of 3 experienced engineers, increasing speed, quality and continuity of your AI-projects, without budget overruns.

Offshore Team Service

Offshore Team Service

Boost software delivery with your own '3+ development team'

Abstract Structure
Great value
Boost your software delivery with a full team of 3 engineers for the price of 1.
Full capacity - any time
Included is a back-up 4th engineer, to secure full capacity, anytime.
Skills & 'Guru-expertise'
All our developers are highly skilled, and backed by expert/guru support.
Full stack
We master the development for Front-end, back-end, data and GenAI.
Easy, clear communication
Communicate in English or Dutch during your office hours.
DevOps & more
We follow best-practices. In development, QA, deploy and ops.
Your free POC
We'll prove our skills and value via a free 2-week POC on your use-case.
Great value – your 3+ team

Accelerate your software delivery with us! For a price you would pay for a single developer on-site, with Circles Arrows you get a full-team of 3 engineers, plus back-up and ‘guru-support’. A senior team-lead locally manages your off-shore team of skilled engineers, enabling you and your organization to reach your digital projects faster and within budget.

Full capacity – any time

On your team of 3, we always keep a 4th engineer available and up-to-speed for you as back-up. As
such we can guarantee you a full-capacity of 3 any time, also during holidays, sickness or other absence of a team member. The 4 (3+1) engineers share knowledge, expertise and practice peer-programming. As such we offer more ‘brain-power’ and eyes on the job, which elevates quality and secures timely delivery.

Skills & ‘Guru-expertise’

Your off-shore team members can tap into local expert / ‘guru’-support. Our most experienced engineers, architects and CTO are there to support, unblock and guide your team whenever there is a need. All at no extra cost, included in our regular off-shore team services.

Easy, clear communication

All our engineers are native English speakers, where our office is lead by a Dutch CTO. We ‘neutralize’ any time difference with Europe, by being available during your regular office hours. Communication is clear and to the point with daily updates / stand-up meetings with any of team members or stakeholders.

Full stack

Circles Arrows is a real engineering company where we manage the full stack of application development. Our expertise is in mastering enterprise data and to make organizations more data-driven. Via generative AI and application integration we unleash the power of your data to your employees, making them more productive and give them the tools to provide your clients with a better service.

DevOps & more

We follow best practices in software development and embrace Agile methodologies, like Scrum. Our code is clean, well documented and easy to understand. Via regular code reviews we catch early issues and continuously improve code quality. On larger projects we automate build processes, testing and deployments with continuous integration (CI) pipelines.

Your Free POC

On each new project you do with us, we like to demonstrate our values and skills via a working ‘proof-of-concept’ (POC). We deliver this POC, completely free-of-charge and without any obligations. So you can get already in a very early stage a good idea of your project feasibility and team potential.

Legacy System Support and Modernization

Legacy applications developed more than 10 years ago often still carry out their core functions they were designed to do originally, but have no agility to extend beyond their current purpose. With original developers that left and no proper day-to-day or incident support they become a serious business continuity risk for organizations. For over a decade many of our clients have trusted us, the support of their legacy applications. There is no ‘out-the-box’ solution to legacy support and modernization, however we follow underneath 6- step approach.

Legacy System Support and Modernization
Database server
Database developer

Reduce risk of downtime and data loss. Extend the life of your application.

Abstract Structure
Get a deep understanding of your application. Functional & technical.
Guarantee availability. Minimize business contingency risks.
Develop and share application skills. Update documentation.
Enhance application functionalities in a future-proof way.
Tune application performance. Modernize its security.
Smooth migration towards a modern SAAS or custom solution.
Assessment / Reverse Engineering

At first we need a deep understanding of your application and its business context. We do a thorough review of existing documentation, code, configuration and processes. Where available we tap into  remaining application knowledge within your organization. Where up-to-date documentation and knowledge is missing, we will discover the application architecture and its exact functionalities, dependencies and limitations via reverse engineering.

Business Contingency Support

Based upon your immediate requirements and our understanding of the application, we will provide you with an support plan that meets your short term business contingency needs. This will include health and performance monitoring, back-ups and urgent patches required for availability and security.

Secure Skills

We believe in full transparency, skill sharing and documentation. We bring your application documentation up-to-date on its architecture, functionality, dependencies and business context. Skills on how to support the application will be shared within our team and preferably within your organization. Supporting your application can as such be guaranteed going forward and risk of down time and data loss is minimized.

Performance & Security tuning

Next to immediate support and business continuity, low performance and security vulnerabilities are often a concern with legacy applications. Upon our findings and your requirements we can implement performance improvements and modernize security with the goal to extend the live-span of the application.

Feature enhancements

Without a full migration to new technology, required, smaller feature enhancements can be implemented in a future-proof way. All well tested, documented and supported.

New Technology / Migration

If budget involved in maintaining and operating your legacy system is better allocated towards an upgrade, we are also able to help. We provide a clear assessment of what’s possible , what’s critically and what’s viable. We can recommend newer, more flexible solutions either bespoke or off-the-shelf (SAAS). We are your companion in a smooth migration process of functionalities and data towards a new solution, ensuring business continuity at all times.

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