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Our Story

For over 15 years, Circles Arrows provides software solutions for graph database, DevOps and data-driven line-of-business apps. Our tools boost efficiency of dev. teams. Powered by NEO4J, Memgraph, and Microsoft graphs, our turn-key solutions ensure consistent data across all your apps. Via generative AI we help you to turn your corporate data into knowledge for your entire staff. 

At Circles Arrows we are committed to make the lives of development teams easier and more efficient with our graph db tools. We believe digitization can be much more cost-effective. Our highly skilled, but cost-effective experts and delivery teams are pragmatic and follow a first-time-right approach. Together we get you most out of your digitization budget and guarantee our solutions work for you!

Our graph db tools are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to boost your efficiency as a developer in no-time. For our line-of-business applications we manage the full-stack where we have specialized in corporate data (graph, sql, no-sql).  Our experts master the deep integration with the Microsoft eco-system from Azure, Dynamics, Office365, PowerApps to Copilots. (generative AI)

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Our Locations

Head Office - The Netherlands

+31 85 2014 080 (Netherlands)

Circles Arrows B.V.
Surinamestraat 24
2585 GJ, Den Haag
The Netherlands

Circles Arrows - The Netherlands contact number, email and address
Circles Arrows Head Office - The Netherlands
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Mission & Vision

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To be the driving force behind digital transformation, specializing in Neo4j tooling to seamlessly integrate graph technologies with enterprise software. Our primary focus is to make the lives of development teams easier and more efficient through the deployment of cutting-edge graph database tools. We believe in challenging the status quo, making digitization more cost-effective, and delivering solutions that truly work for our clients.

Committed to excellence, our highly skilled and cost-effective experts and delivery teams adopt a pragmatic, first-time-right approach. We aim to optimize your digitization budget, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations. At Circles Arrows, we are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable software services to the global community, cultivating an environment that thrives on collaboration, transparency, and continuous learning.


To be an internationally recognized leader in the realm of software development, celebrated for our expertise in Neo4j tooling and graph technology integration. We aspire to provide innovative solutions, brought forth by first-class experts, that redefine industry standards.

We envision a future where our commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless collaboration positions Circles Arrows as a trusted partner in digital evolution. Through leveraging technology, we aim to be at the forefront of driving impactful change on a global scale, inspiring others to follow suit. Our vision is to be more than just a software development company; we strive to be architects of sustainable and transformative digitization.


+63 32 268 5413 (Philippines)

Circles Arrows - Philippine branch
6th Floor Skyrise 1 Building
Cebu IT Park
6000 Cebu
The Philippines

Branch Office - Philippines

Circles Arrows - Philippines contact number, email and address
Circles Arrows Branch Office - Philippine Branch
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